K. Michelle gets real heated and gives her cheating boyfriend his comeuppance in her new visual for 'The Right One.' The Juwan Lee-directed video is a continuation of her last clip, 'V.S.O.P.'

If you remember in the previous video, K. Michelle accused her boo (played by rapper Chi Ali) of cheating, which he denied. In the end, they reconciled but the R&B songbird still had her suspicions.

In 'The Right One' clip, K. Michelle acts on her intuition and spies on her philandering boyfriend. The 'Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta' star eventually catches him red-handed holding hands with another female and she plans her ratchet payback.

"You want ratchet / Then I'mma be that / Don't make me call my boys and have your s--- peeled back," she warns.

At the end, K. Michelle gets her revenge as she put her man's clothes inside a barrel and sets them on fire. We see a scorned K on the sidewalk toasting marshmallows over her boyfriend's burning clothes.

You know what they say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Check out K. Michelle's sweet revenge in 'The Right One' video.

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