On the reunion special of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,' the cast claim their baggage and explain their crazy antics during this season, all while producer Mona Scott Young sits in the middle mediating the dysfunctional characters.

Of course, Joseline is the first to want to throw punches at Mimi. "You just mad 'cause I took your baby daddy," the Puerto Rican princess says and takes her shoes off before security guards hold her back.

Rasheeda announces that she and Kirk are having a baby boy named Carter. K. Michelle also further explains why she went off against Rasheeda the way she did during the show. "When I'm hurt, I try to cut deep with my words. Congratulations to you and Kirk," she says sincerely.

Later on, the infamous love triangle of Mimi, Stevie J and Joseline sit down across from each other. They give reactions to the "engagement" crafted by Stevie, which involved giving them both rings. "I just wanted to give them both life partner rings," he shares.

"He still asking me for sex," Mimi reveals.

Joseline knows her man has issues, but believes she can transform him. "I'm trying to change him and make him become a better man," the rapper admits. And for once, Joseline and Mimi have a conversation without yelling and calling each other bitches and hoes. Mimi actually supported Joseline and calls Stevie out for being a horrible boyfriend, all while Joseline cries. "If you with her, be with her and stop disrespecting her," Mimi tells him.

Finally, when Mona asks Stevie if he and Joseline are engaged, he dodges the question by saying, "We got what we got."

Next, Lil Scrappy and Erica talk things out with their mothers sitting beside them. Erica begins crying before they can dig deep into the conversation. "I do want the best for you. We been through a lot," she says to Scrappy. "We just tryna focus on being friends."

"I respect all the times, she was there," Scrappy reveals. When asked if he still wants to be with Erica, he replies, "Man. I love that girl." Erica didn't turn him down, but isn't running back into his arms either. "It's not gonna happen over night," she explains.

"When you been through stuff like that, you gotta fall back and take a break for a minute. 'Cause everytime we try, we just clash," Scrappy finally says.

Meanwhile, Drew reveals that he still has feelings for Traci and it came up after she began dating someone new. "Sometimes you don't realize what you have until you see somebody else with it," he admits.

"I'm good, I'll pass." Traci says cut and dry, as she's tired of these "microwavable popcorn hoes," as she calls them.

As Kirk and Rasheeda get ready to spill the beans on their story, Mona tells the audience they'll have to wait for Part 2 to see what's in store for the married couple.

Until next time.

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