After publicly breaking up, we are led to believe that's all we'll see from Joseline and Stevie J. However, in this world, it's never really done. This week's episode kicks off with a heated conversation between the two about Joseline's pending record deal, which Stevie says is gone, too. He claims that the label wanted too much money for it to happen, but Stevie is just punking Joseline to keep her on edge.

Meanwhile, Stevie meets up with Mimi's friend, Ariane, to find out if his ex-flame is happy in her new relationship. But Ariane thinks he has a few things up his sleeve. Mimi and Stevie do meet up to discuss their old problems, and Stevie offers her a new car, which Mimi seems to accept, but with hesitation.

Mimi reveals her new project M.A.D.E. (Make a Difference Every Day) and is shooting photos for the campaign. Nikko walks in and starts dictating, but Mimi just won't have it. Nikko tries to pacify the situation by presenting her with a mini version of his Rolex, which doesn't have the same bling or is her style.

Nikko then throws a video screening party to show off his 'NY 2 LA' visual. Unfortunately, what he said would feature Mimi as the video star only shows her for two seconds. Things get more interesting when Stevie J rolls in and not only presents Mimi with keys to her own BMW, but also says the Rolex Nikko gave her is fake.

Karlie and K. Michelle meet up at a restaurant to chat. Karlie thinks it's because K. Michelle found out about the diss track that Ms. Redd is about to drop. However, K. Michelle has more peaceful plans. "I am on damage control right now," K. Michelle explains, referring to her meetings with Warner Bros. Records last week. "I'm going to go to the one person I can't stand, and that is Karlie Redd. If I can get passed her and her deflated ass chicks, I can make it past anything."

Karlie does admit that she recorded a diss song about K. Michelle and that it could drop at any time but that was something that was made because she was mad before. K. Michelle seems to be brushing it off and saying it's fine, but who knows with these ladies.

With her baby and marriage problems, Rasheeda goes back to her roots and meets up with mom to discuss the whole abortion situation. They also talk about Kirk's fidelity, which Rasheeda admits to checking out, but she came out with no proof that her man has been creeping. Mom confronts Kirk on these issues. Despite all her yelling and finger-pointing, Kirk just smirks and walks away -- denying he did anything wrong.

Despite all the drama, K. Michelle celebrates her birthday with everyone including Karlie. K. Michelle received a bunch of gifts including a heart-shaped diamond necklace from Benzino. However, the present that rocked the party was Karlie's, which included a copy of the diss track that was later played at the club they were at. Of course, this can't end well. After drinks are thrown between the two, they "make up." Despite her issues with Karlie, K. Michelle finally gets to chat with Joseline, and it looks like the two could forge an interesting friendship because as K. Michelle puts it, "They don't take no s---."

Situations are getting heated and are bound to blow up. Until next time.

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