Sunny skies, palm trees and lowriders come to mind when Los Angeles is the destination.  In the 1990s, artists like Snoop Dogg and the LBC, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube made the quintessential L.A. anthems perfect for riding around the city with the top down and the beat bumping.

Since then, younger artists out of the southern California city have looked to these anthems as a starting point in creating their own sound. No matter how many years go by, certain songs from that era of hip-hop will remain timeless and serve as the best option for music to listen to while cruising the streets of L.A. -- in a lowrider or a sedan. presents 10 Songs to Ride Out to in Los Angeles.

Speaking of Los Angeles, the West Coast location is just one stop on Alicia Keys' Set the World On Fire tour. The songstress is currently on her worldwide trek and wants to get to know her fans in every city. She's asking fans to send in photos of themselves in their cities, and with those photos, she will create a new music video in every city on her tour. To submit your photos to the 'Your City, Your Video' project, go here. The next deadline for photo submissions for the tour dates in Atlanta, Greensboro, Toronto and Montreal is Mon., March 18. The submission period for dates prior to that has closed.

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