Although Lauryn Hill has been going through tons of legal trouble over the past few months, it seems that her fans (including a few famous friends) have been showing their support in various ways. And today, Hill has become the latest inductee in's Rap Battle Hall of Fame.

Hill recorded and released ‘Neurotic Society’ due to her recent legal issues and tax evasion charges. She was clearly not pleased to create the track, which is showcased through the anger heard in her lyrics. She comments on today’s society, which may not make sense to some, but does paint a good picture of what’s going on in Hill’s head at the moment.

“We’re living in a joke time, metaphorical coke time / Commerce and guru men, run the whole world, man / Old drunken debauchery, old world brutality / Cold world kills softly, whole world runs savagely / Reading into prior things, program TV screens,” she spits.

Hill initially entered the Rap Battle when she went against Angel Haze's 'Lofticries' and easily broke her winning streak. A$AP Ferg's 'Work (Remix)' and Wale's 'LoveHate Thing' were her next competitors, which she easily beat each week. Beating Fat Joe, and his track, 'Love Me Long Time,' solidified her entrance into the Rap Battle Hall of Fame.

Congratulations, Ms. Hill!

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