Angel Haze

Happy Birthday, Angel Haze!
Although the genre has a long way to go, hip-hop has expanded its horizons wide enough to allow a space for many more perspectives. Angel Haze is an example of that growth. The rapper, born Raee'n Roes Wilson, turns 24 years old today (July 10).
Ladies You Love
Guys who are in committed relationships are members of a special club. Unlike single guys, they can't approach women for phone numbers or ask them out on dates, nor can they converse with them in that I'm-attracted-to-you kind of way. Of course there are guys who cheat and still act like they're sin…
New Video
Rapper Angel Haze's latest exploits in the video for 'Echelon (It's My Way)' find her spitting lyrics in a lot filled with tattooed bikers and hanging with a group of eccentrically-clad women, which includes plus-sized hairdressers and one who's rocking a hairstyle that look…
Haze Defends Miley
Twerk princess Miley Cyrus has an unlikely ally in her corner -- Angel Haze. The New York rhymer went on Twitter Friday (Sept. 6) and fired off some angry tweets at the media for their criticisms of Cyrus' infamous performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.
25: Angel Haze – Powerful Women of 2013
From homelessness to rape, Angel Haze has already gone through experiences that many people can't even fathom. But the 21-year-old rapper has taken these times in her life and fueled them into her writing, which is probably why her music has an authenticity that some rappers lack these days...
Certified Spitter
There's no doubting that Angel Haze is a gifted rapper. Gaining praise from her peers and named one of the 2013 XXL Freshman class, she's clearly got a talent.
Vote in Our Rap Battle
With 56.41 percent of the vote, Angel Haze has managed to take the Rap Battle crown away from Ludacris and his song, 'Raised in the South,' this week. Although Luda didn't continue his budding winning streak, he didn't let Haze win so easily and had 43.59 percent of the vote -- m…
Vote in Our Rap Battle
Ludacris is the victor in this week's Rap Battle, taking 54.95 percent of the vote with his song, 'Raised in the South.' However, unlike previous battles, Mac Miller's 'S.D.S.' wasn't too far behind and received 45.05 percent of the vote.
Angel Haze – Artists to Watch at SXSW
Before Angel Haze gained an arch nemesis in fellow raptress Azealia Banks, the 21-year-old was spitting bars about her past pains on Eminem's 'Cleaning Out My Closet,' which she made her own. As a signee to Universal Republic it's clear that she isn't some bubble gum-po…
Serious Story
Rapper Angel Haze is a tough girl but she has plenty of reasons to be. On her rendition of Eminem's 'Cleaning Out My Closet,' released online in October 2012, the 'Reservation' emcee speaks in detail about her being raped as a child.

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