Just like the people rallying behind Lauryn Hill at the moment due to her upcoming prison time, her fans have really shown their support for her in last week's Rap Battle. With 71.79 percent of the vote, Hill took away Angel Haze's chances of winning for the second consecutive week. Haze only had 28.21 percent.

Hill recorded and released ‘Neurotic Society,’ a song that she was forced to release due to her recent legal issues and tax evasion charges. Although she was clearly not pleased to even create the track, the anger is laced throughout it. She comments on today’s society, which may not make sense to some, but do paint a good picture of what’s going on in Hill’s head at the moment.

“We’re living in a joke time, metaphorical coke time / Commerce and guru men, run the whole world man / Old drunken debauchery, old world brutality / Cold world kills softly, whole world runs savagely / Reading into prior things, program TV screens,” she spits.

A$AP Ferg is Hill's opponent this week with his 'Work (Remix).' Although the original version of the song is a year old, Ferg teamed up with A$AP Rocky, French Montana, Trinidad Jame$ and Schoolboy Q to revamp the track, which was released this week. Because he was working with some of today's up and coming rappers, he rewrote his lyrics multiple times. "You’re not gonna body me on my own song,” he said in an interview.

"Got me feelin' like Jim Jones / I'm a pimp though, no limp though / Couldn't copy my style in Kinkos / Put in work, run up on a killer then I put him in the dirt / Run up in the buildin', semi gon' squirt / That's what a n---- get when they getting on my nerves / I ain't lyin', lay 'em on the curb / Riding on a killer who be coming at Ferg!" he raps.

Will Hill keep her winning streak going? Or will A$AP Ferg's star-studded track take over this week's Rap Battle? Vote for your favorite track in the poll below. Remember you can vote once per hour until the poll closes on Thurs., May 23, at 10 a.m. ET.

Listen to Lauryn Hill’s ‘Neurotic Society’

Listen to A$AP Ferg’s ‘Work (Remix)’ Feat. A$AP Rocky, French Montana, Trinidad Jame$ & Schoolboy Q

Rules of Rap Battle
Two hip-hop artists compete against each other each week. The triumphant artist goes on to compete in the next Rap Battle. If an artist wins four straight Rap Battles, the song will be honored as immortal in TheDrop.fm Rap Battle Hall of Fame.