As good as Justin Timberlake's performance was, arguably the center of conversation in the days following the MTV Video Music Awards are Miley Cyrus' onstage antics. She shocked viewers, angered others and may really raise a few more questions and critical analysis if her reported collaboration with Kanye West on the 'Black Skinhead' remix sees the light of day.

The 'Party in the USA'-turned-twerk princess skipped her VMA after-party to meet Kanye West, according to the New York Post's Page Six. West was also noticeably absent from a Jay Z and Diddy party in New York.

The report also says the collaboration will appear on a remix EP to the divisive 'Yeezus.'

As much as people may dislike Cyrus' recent bombardment of social media news, she'll be staying on the radar for a while if she keeps getting these cosigns. She starred in the video for Big Sean's 'Fire' despite not being featured or even mentioned on the actual song.

Earlier this summer, Cyrus got an even bigger cosign on Jay Z's 'Somewhereinamerica': "Cause somewhere in America / Miley Cyrus is still twerking."

Bottom Line: a twerking Cyrus is here to stay especially if she keeps getting props.

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