Jim Jones is making a return with some new music. The Harlem native taps Charlie Rock for the sexually explicit ode 'Drink From the Bottle.'

Like his hit, 'We Fly High,' 'Drink From the Bottle' is a woozy party track about popping bottles and hollering at hot birds. "She the life of the party / Baddest bitch in the party / She deserve her own bottle / I ain't tryna gas her up / But she make me wanna f---," Charlie serves on the hook.

"Whips and chains just like a slave / So I f--- a white bitch told her, 'Set me free' / Knew this red bone that's thick as f--- / I hit uptown, she hit me up / She make a mess then she lick me up," the Capo rhymes.

The song is from Jones' upcoming mixtape, 'Vampire Life 3,' due tomorrow (Aug. 13).

Jimmy has been largely quiet on the music front, focusing on reality television pursuits like his show 'Chrissy and Mr. Jones' on VH1.

Listen to Jim Jones' 'Drink From the Bottle' Feat. Charlie Rock

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