Gucci Mane is in the news again. No, he didn't punch anyone. It looks like the Internet was "catfished" this morning by someone who posted a fake Gucci Mane photo.

On the popular website Reddit, a user posted a photoshopped screenshot of a Fox 5 news report of Mane's appearance in court stemming from his recent assault charges. The story reads that when a judge asked if he was guilty, the Atlanta rhymer replied, "Bitch I might be."

Obviously, someone posted this to be funny. However, folks on Twitter thought the Brick Squad leader really did say it. "Thanks to Gucci Mane, I plan to RSVP to all events from now on as "Bitch, I might be' when asked if I'll attend," one commentator jokingly wrote. Another fan tweeted, "This N---- Gucci Mane Is Legit," while another person wrote, "Swag."

But, alas, you all have been tricked. As pointed out, no television station would display the derogatory B-word on its banner. Also, the phrase comes from the Atlanta rhymer's song, 'Pillz (Bitch I Might Be).'

But props to the creative troll for fooling the Internet and it's not even April Fool's Day.

As for Gucci Mane, he got thrown back in the pokey a day after posting bond in his assault case. Now that's no laughing matter.

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