After winning two Grammy awards, everyone is now wondering what Frank Ocean's next move will be. In an interview with BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe on Tuesday (Feb. 19), the singer revealed that he's 10 songs deep into his next album.

The crooner described his second project as another concept album inspired by 'Golden Girl,' which was a bonus cut on 'Channel Orange.' "There's 'Golden Girl' and it's this beach scene and I kind of want to extend that feeling into the next record," he explained. "I'm going to Bora Bora when I get back...I put a studio in my house, but it's all in road cases. I'm going to take it all to Bora Bora and work for a few weeks."

Ocean also said that he's been in the studio with Pharrell Williams and hopes to work with Danger Mouse as well.

"You have to live. I never could really work well just being in the studio day-after-day, every day. I can go in the studio for months straight, but I gotta spend some months out in the world," Ocean says of his recording process. "Usually when I meet these guys, if we happen to write something then we do, but it's just cool to just feel it out first."

Elsewhere in the interview, Ocean recalls his experiences at the 2013 Grammy Awards, a possible summer tour and his guilty pleasures.

Listen to the interview below.

Listen to Frank Ocean's Interview with BBC Radio 1