On Friday night (Nov. 13), Paris was hit with an unprecedented series of terrorist attacks throughout the city. The string of violence left over 100 people dead and many more wounded. Several rappers and singers went on social media to send their prayers to the people of Paris. However, before posting his own condolences, Frank Ocean decided to slam Donald Trump over his comments about Paris in the wake of the attacks.

Apparently, the Grammy Award-winning singer caught wind of an insensitive tweet the Republican presidential hopeful wrote back in January during the Charlie Hebdo attacks. For whatever reason, Trump's old tweet received newfound attention from people who thought it was just written during these recent Paris attacks.

For the record, this is what Trump tweeted about the attack on Nov. 13:

After his criticism toward Trump, Ocean then posted sincere condolences to the people of Paris. “LOVE TO PARIS AND ANY INDIVIDUAL OR FAMILY WHO’S LOST LOVED ONES TO EVIL ANYWHERE IN THIS WORLD,” he wrote in all caps. “CHILL W/ THE ANGLES.”

Check out Frank Ocean's remarks to Donald Trump above and his heartwarming message to Paris below.

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