This year was centered around a comeback for many R&B artists whose fans were eager to see their return to the spotlight. Some veteran stars shelled out albums that brought them back to the top of the charts, even in the midst of their personal battles. Others came together to form a supergroup expected to entertain R&B faithfuls in the coming months.

For the 25 and under crowd in the game, the drama was endless. Twitter beefs, TMI photo violations on Instagram and sentimental tumblr letters proved many young entertainers are coming of age in a whole different arena that puts their character at question or at least confirms the things we've already been wondering as fans. Lastly, one superstar gave birth to her firstborn, but as we celebrated life we also mourned the deaths of two soul legends. Filled with ups and downs, 2012 was surely one to remember. Check out's 10 biggest R&B moments of 2012.