New Albums
2013 has already seen a strong year for hip-hop and R&B, but there are a few more artists who want you to make room for them in your playlists before 2014 arrives.
Vote in Our R&B Sound Off
Mack Wilds is unstoppable. With 72.41 percent, Mack not only dominated last week's R&B Sound Off but also is one win away from entering TheDrop.fm's R&B Sound Off Hall of Fame. His opponents, veteran crooners K-Ci & JoJo only walked away with 27.59 percent of the vo…
Ladies You Love
Guys who are in committed relationships are members of a special club. Unlike single guys, they can't approach women for phone numbers or ask them out on dates, nor can they converse with them in that I'm-attracted-to-you kind of way. Of course there are guys who cheat and still act like they're sin…
Aaliyah Cover
JoJo is currently on tour with Canadian singer Leah LaBelle, known best for her track 'Sexify.' And when the two got to their Los Angeles stop recently, JoJo treated fans to a couple of throwback covers.
2014 Calendar
As if we can't get enough of King Bey in 2013, the singer has already promised us 12 more months of herself for the forthcoming year.
New Songs
R&B singer Mali Music is a fighter. On his latest single, 'Ready Aim,' he sings of battling vices that want to destroy him, but he’s not scared. Instead, he welcomes the challenge, boldly singing, "Ready, aim, fire. You can’t shoot me down.&…
Hispanic Heritage Month
Hip-hop and R&B are inseparable siblings. Both were born as channels to social and political expression. The genre’s New York roots would make it influential across cultural pockets in America. The cosmopolitan melting pot holds a diverse group of Hispanic immigrants and the influence it would h…
Manager Duties
Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri have been creating musical magic together for over 15 years and they are keeping their partnership permanent for now. Mimi recently hired the legendary producer to manage her career.
R. Kelly Wants a 'Cookie'
R. Kelly cuts to the chase on his new, sexually-charged track 'Cookie,' which will appear on his forthcoming album, 'Black Panties.' TheDrop.fm and The BoomBox have the exclusive first listen of the song.
Candid Interview
Chris Brown gets very candid in his new interview with The Guardian. The R&B crooner opens about the 2009 assault on Rihanna and at what age he lost his virginity.

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