After New Edition set the tone for boy bands, Boyz II Men picked up where they left off in the 1990s. The Boyz were four guys from Philly who sang as if they were meant to find each other in the world. Their penchant for harmonizing, either over New Jack Swing production or just a cappella, no matter, Boyz II Men came out the box in 1992, sounding like no other group R&B fans had heard.

Their first monster hit, 'End of the Road,' topped the Billboard Top 100 for 13 weeks, beating out a record held by Elvis Presley since his heyday. From the hip-hop driven 'Motownphilly' to slowed-down love songs 'I'll Make Love to You' and 'One Sweet Day' with Mariah Carey, there was never a question as to whether or not these four guys from Philly were the real deal.

 Watch Boyz II Men's 'Motownphilly' Video

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