Let's get ready to ruuumble! The gloves have finally come off between Azealia Banks and Angel Haze. After their heated Twitter feud Thursday (Jan. 4), Haze debuted her lashing lyrical attack 'On the Edge,' and subsequently Banks unleashed her venom on the Machinedrum-produced song 'No Problems.'

With the diss song, 'On the Edge,' Haze threw the first lyrical salvo, rapping, "B---- I got ammo on you / B----, you don’t want war," on the Diplo-produced banger.

Banks' track features bass-heavy production similar to her previous upbeat dance songs. However, on 'No Problems,' she spits acidic rhymes to Haze, calling her an average chick and a "sloppy dyke," among other things.

"I'm clearly on, you're an off switch / This city's charm, I'm gorgeous / Like, really though / You're a corny b----," Banks raps, adding, "Top draft / She lacks class / Poof, poof, be gone b----."

Haze wasn't too thrilled with Banks' diss track. "Weak b----es do weak b---- s---...I thought you would at least have that crackhead strength," she tweeted. "You ain’t about this life." She later added, "B---- sounds like holiday heart rapping. strong ass vingh rhames faced b----." Haze then delivered another response to the Harlem rhymer called 'Shut the F--- Up,' which uses the beat from Tupac Shakur's 'Ambitionz Az A Ridah.'

To be continued…

Listen to Azealia Banks' 'No Problems'

Listen to Angel Haze's 'On the Edge'

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