While everyone is still waiting for her debut album, 'Broke with Expensive Taste, to actually release, Azealia Banks has been giving more hints of what to expect on the project. And one of those tidbits is that she tossed her collaboration with breakout U.K. electronic duo Disclosure from the album.

After the entertainers collaborated in the studio earlier this year, Azealia was so excited about the work they did that she referred to it as "the greatest studio session EVAR." However, Howard and Guy Lawrence of Disclosure were a bit more discreet about the studio time and referred to it as being in talks regarding a new song. Later on, they did spill the beans, saying that they did more than have sushi, but actually laid down a new track.

“We actually did have a good session with @AZEALIABANKS we didn’t just eat food! lol Hopefully it will be in your ears soon!” Disclosure tweeted.

But between this and some comments the duo made about the artist in the past, she no longer thinks that collaboration is worth keeping on her album. "I did something with Disclosure but they were, like, really rude in an interview, so I canned it," she said.

Azealia continued, "I might leak it, though. And to be honest, I've got better stuff on my record... It can be an f-side. A f--k-you side."

'Broke with Expensive Taste' features Pharrell, Kevin Hussein and Theophilus London and is something that she claims could rival Kanye's work.

That's still left to be seen and heard as the album has no set release date.

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