Stop the presses! After teasing us with her, um, sensual pink-hued album cover of 'Yours Truly,' Ariana Grande flipped the script and released the official black-and-white LP artwork.

This is a classic case of "Things that make you go hmmm?"

Two days ago, the 20-year-old songbird unveiled an artwork that feature herself wearing a pink lingerie outfit crouched on a bed of roses. The cover was titillating to say the least considering her young fan base.

The new artwork shows the singer in black and white wearing a frilly top standing in the light with her eyes closed.

So why the sudden change? Was it because it caused a little stir in the media? Grande has an answer for it -- it was all a joke.

"Alright I'm done messing with you all although I have to admit it was pretty fun," she tweeted. "Those other photos are all part of the album packaging."

Um yeah, okay.

Reactions to the new artwork have been positive. One fan wrote, "This is so much better, thank you," while another one wrote, "it's perfect."

For the record, we didn't have a problem with the original artwork, per say, just had a little concern.

In any case, Ariana Grande's debut album, 'Yours Truly,' is set to hit stores on Sept. 3.

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