Rapper Angel Haze is a tough girl but she has plenty of reasons to be. On her rendition of Eminem's 'Cleaning Out My Closet,' released online in October 2012, the 'Reservation' emcee speaks in detail about her being raped as a child.

The track has proven to be especially moving for her male fans. "Surprisingly, more boys than girls," she told the Guardian recently. "A lot of guys were like: 'I've been suffering, I don't know how to love anyone, you really helped me with that.'"

Haze says that the sexual assault happened repeatedly from ages 7 to 10 and she felt that there was no one there to protect her. The 'Cleaning Out My Closet' freestyle had a clear purpose and the Universal signee says that she recognized exactly what it was when she played it back.

"When I listened back, I felt disgusted. I wanted everyone to feel that. It was good that they felt it, because it was f---ing wrong. I want someone who's a father to listen to the song, and be like: 'No one had better ever f---ing touch my daughter like that. And if they do, you can tell me.'"

Currently, the Michigan-born rhymer is crafting her debut album.

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