Rapper 2 Chainz knows that the Feds are spying on him, but he's paying them no mind. In his new video for 'Feds Watching,' the hairweave killer has more important things to worry about than authorities clocking his every move.

Directed by Ryan Hope, the clip features Deuce surrounded by a plethora of lovely bikini babes in a lavish mansion overlooking Los Angeles. 2 Chainz is dressed to the nines in his all-white suit and laced in gold accessories. We also see him casually dressed in all-white again with Pharrell Williams by his side.

Although some may consider 2 Chainz's video atypical, the Atlanta rapper was commended for having dark-skinned women in the clip. Most rap videos often feature light-skinned women as eye candy, but 2 Chainz went a different route.

Deuce's Twitter feed is flooded with comments from women who praised the Atlanta rapper for his choice of color in the video.

"I'm glad @2chainz put more beautiful black women in his video instead of the typical chicks we normally see in videos," wrote one follower, while another commented, "@2chainz thank you for portraying another image of beauty, verses the typical "video girl" image ... for that alone I'm buying 'ME TIME.'"

'Feds Watching' is the lead single from 2 Chainz's second effort, 'B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time,' due Sept. 10.

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