Destiny's Child is one of the biggest girl groups in music history and perhaps deemed as the queens of R&B. Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are not only known for their effortless harmonies and interestingly coordinated yet sexy ensembles but also for representing the ladies properly and promoting the image of a strong, independent woman.

All of that can be seen in the new 'Destiny's Child Video Anthology,' a career-spanning collection of 16 iconographic short music films that define an era. Available on DVD June 4, visuals like 'No, No, No Part I,' 'Bills, Bills, Bills,' 'Bug A Boo,' 'Say My Name,' 'Jumpin’, Jumpin,’ 'Survivor' and 'Independent Women Part 1,' among others are all included in the set. There's a chance to win the video anthology prize pack below.

And because they're one of the largest groups on the planet, it would seem that we know everything about these three ladies too. However, there are some details that may have fallen through the cracks. Here are 10 Things You Didn't Know About Destiny's Child.

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    They were originally a rap group.

    Beyonce and Kelly Rowland clearly knew they wanted to have a music career and started things off real early. They got together with four other girls in the early '90s, including LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson, who both later became the other two original members of Destiny's Child. Called Girls Tyme, the girls promoted themselves as spitters not singers and even landed a spot on 'Star Search.' But after failing to get a record deal, Bey, Roland, Luckett and Roberson soon broke away from the group and started their own R&B ensemble, aka Destiny's Child.

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    Beyonce was terrified of falling during first D.C. Grammy Awards performance.

    Who could forget Beyonce's big fall during a Brazil show in 2010? She was a trooper and got up to continue the performance, but this wasn't the first time that tumbling down the stage was a fear for the 'Bow Down' singer. When Destiny's Child performed at the Grammy Awards for the first time in 2001, they were really worried that they wouldn't look as graceful as they usually do onstage.

    "We performed for the first time at the Grammy awards and we were terrified," Beyonce said in an interview. "Madonna was sitting in the front row and we had to walk down these stairs in stilettos and we were like, ‘Oh God, I hope we don’t fall, I hope we sing the right notes!’ We were so nervous. We all just looked at each other, held hands, took a deep breath in, exhaled, and prayed, right there on the stage 30 seconds before the song started and we killed the performance. And right after we won best group. It was the most amazing moment."

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    Their first LP wasn't a chart-topper.

    'No, No, No,' featuring Wyclef Jean may have topped the Billboard R&B singles chart and peaked at No. 3 on the Hot 100, but their self-titled debut album only reached No. 67 on the Billboard 200. Although the LP went platinum and put Destiny's Child on the map, it's definitely not the type of chart performance we expect from these ladies.

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    The trio never acted together.

    Beyonce ('Cadillac Records,' 'Dreamgirls,' 'Obssessed'), Kelly ('Girlfriends,' 'Think Like a Man') and Michelle ('Chicago,' 'The Color Purple,' 'Fela!') are all talented actresses. However, aside from appearing in commercials or doing TV interviews, none of them have actually co-starred together in a film or TV show.

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    Destiny's Child recorded a song for a Disney Channel animated series.

    At the start of Destiny's Child's rise to fame as well as the beginnings of Solange's career, the two teamed up on a fun song for the Disney Channel. With Bey's little sister on lead vocals, the ladies recorded the theme song for 'The Proud Family,' an animated comedy, in 2001. This may be the first and last time we'll hear Beyonce do backup vocals for her younger sis.

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    Kandi Burruss co-wrote 'Bills, Bills, Bills.'

    It's no secret that Destiny's Child has worked with some of the business' biggest songwriters. But what some may not know is that they teamed up with former Xscape member and now reality TV star Kandi Burruss to pen a number of tracks on the group's sophomore album, 'The Writing's on the Wall.' 'Bills, Bills, Bills,' one of the tracks co-written by Burruss, became the group's first No. 1 hit and earned them two Grammy nods.

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    'Survivor' was inspired by a joke.

    Although the track clearly promoted female empowerment, 'Survivor' was actually inspired by a "survival of the fittest" joke that a radio DJ made about Destiny's Child. "I thought about this joke that this radio station had, and they were saying, 'Oh, Destiny's Child is like 'Survivor,' trying to see which member is going to last the longest on the island,' and everyone laughed. I was like, 'Ah, that's cute, but you know what? I'm going to use that negative thing and turn it into a positive thing and try to write a great song out of it," Beyonce revealed to MTV.

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    They're forever remembered in Hollywood.

    Th Hollywood Walk of Fame has featured various legends including Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner and Diana Ross around Hollywood Blvd., and Vine St. And although they may not have had as many years in the music business, Destiny's Child was honored with the 2,035th star in 2006. Although this was a year after the group separated and took an indefinite hiatus to focus on their solo projects, it was still an honor the ladies will never forget.

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    They partnered with McDonald's.

    While we've seen the ladies work with a number of brands -- together and solo -- McDonald's is by far the one that's the most interesting. In conjunction with the group's 2005 world tour, the fast-food chain not only got the ladies to add the signature "Lovin' it" tag to the tour name, but the company also had Destiny's Child do a number of TV spots to promote its various eats around the globe.

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    Jay-Z helped write 'Lose My Breath.'

    Although Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle were already in the studio working with Rodney Jerkins on 'Lose My Breath,' who they previously teamed up with for 2000's 'Say My Name,' the ladies got a bit of assistance from Jay-Z. According to Beyonce, she was talking to her then "friend" about a new D.C. track in the works and moments after, he came up with the chorus.

    "I told him we heard this crazy track and it's going to have everyone losing their breath," Beyoncé told MTV. "And he was like, 'I got it, [singing] "Can you keep up?" ' He actually came up with the chorus without even hearing the track."

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