Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle are giving Destiny's Child fans something to look forward to this year.

The trio reunite for 'Love Songs,' a new 14-track album featuring a collection of romantic recordings to be released through Music World Entertainment/Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings.

The set is comprised of tracks recorded between 1997 and 2004. Many of the songs come from Destiny's Child's previously released LPs like 'The Writings on the Wall' and 'Destiny Fulfilled.'

The Pharrell Williams-produced 'Nuclear' finds its way on the tracklist and is the first new DC song recorded since 2004.

'Love Songs' is the second Destiny's Child compilation to be released through Legacy Recordings. 'Playlist - The Very Best of Destiny's Child,' which arrived last year, was comprised of the group's past Billboard hits.

'Love Songs' debuts Jan. 29.

'Love Songs' Tracklisting

1. 'Cater 2 U' (2004 – 'Destiny Fulfilled')
2. 'Killing Time' (1998 – 'Destiny’s Child')
3. 'Second Nature' (1998 – 'Destiny’s Child')
4. 'Heaven' (2002 – 'Simply Deep')
5. 'Now That She’s Gone' (1999 – 'The Writing’s on the Wall')
6. 'Brown Eyes' (2001 – 'Survivor')
7. 'If' (2004 – 'Destiny Fulfilled')
8. 'Emotion' (2001 – 'Survivor')
9. 'If You Leave' (featuring Next) (1999 – 'The Writing’s on the Wall')
10. 'T­-Shirt' (2004 – 'Destiny Fulfilled')
11. 'Temptation' (1999 – 'The Writing’s on the Wall')
12. 'Say My Name (Timbaland Remix)' (2002 – 'This Is the Remix')
13. 'Love' (2004 – 'Destiny Fulfilled')
14. 'Nuclear' (2013 – Destiny’s Child –' Love Songs')

Watch Destiny's Child's 'Say My Name' Video

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