The hip-hop mogul serves as the ambassador for the Be a STAR campaign, the anti-bullying initiative co-founded by the WWE and the Creative Coalition to encourage young people to treat one another with respect and tolerance.

In the PSA, Diddy brings awareness to bullying, which doesn’t end at school. He informs viewers that it carries on in the digital world. “In this digital age, sometimes it just doesn't stop when the days end... If it's not you being bullied, help someone who is... Stand up to bullying," the hip-hop mogul explains in the video.

And of course, Diddy can’t stop and won’t stop with just PSAs. He's created T-shirts labeled with the phrase "Invisible Bully" on the front. The motto for the clothing line: "The mind is the most powerful tool you possess. Thoughts are invisible and only those that believe in the invisible can achieve the impossible. The dream is real if you believe."

Take that, take that, bullies.