Will.i.am is currently topping the music charts with his Britney Spears-featured track, 'Scream & Shout.' So what does he do to top that? He grabs pop sensation Justin Bieber for '#ThatPower.'

The song's title utilizes the gimmicky social media tactic of the pound sign (#), which people use as a hashtag to tag conversations on Twitter. It might be a cool way to promote a song, but it's kind of unnecessary.

As for the song, it's catered strictly for the dance floor with its electro beats, Will's Auto-Tuned vocals and a sample of Daft Punk's 'Harder, Better, Faster Stronger.'

"It's pronounced "Hashtag That Power," said Will about the song during his interview with Capital FM. "It's up-tempo, it's Friday. I'm proud of the collaboration. Hopefully, the people listening can guess who it is."

Well, duh, it's the Biebs.

Grab '#ThatPower' at iTunes here.

Will.i.am's upcoming solo album #willpower -- there goes that hashtag again -- is scheduled to hit stores in April.

Listen to Will.i.am's "#ThatPower" Feat. Justin Bieber

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