Trina is highlighting one of her assets on her appropriately titled tune 'Ass Fat,' which features Maybach Music Group representer Meek Mill.

"Big hips, skinny waist / Little bit of weave and a pretty face / Red bottoms, get it straight / She said she want this d--- I guess she got expensive taste," Meek rhymes on the rapid-fire track's intro.

"You a boss, huh / Let me see the money bag / You with a hundred n----s show me who the money man / My ass been fat, watch me toot it out / Gimme some room I want to pull 'em up," the raptress rhymes.

She reminds listeners that her cake can't be left alone for long ("I got 'em addicted, huh, crack addict") and boasts about the size of her voluptuous derriere ("When it comes to ass you know I still got the fattest").

"The record is just a fun record, it's a club record. It's for the ladies to have fun for the summer, you know twerk a little, shake a little, you know bust a one, two-step," Trina shares.

Her sixth album -- "a revamped version of herself" -- is currently in the works.

Listen to Trina's 'Ass Fat' Feat. Meek Mill