Cassie is dipping herself in gold. The singer remixed Trinidad James' addictive track, 'All Gold Everything' and brings along Trina and Lola Monroe to shine as they stunt on all their haters.

While everyone's talking about Cassie, she's "just shopping in Paris, minding my business." And instead of sweating, Trina "popped a molly, I'm dancing."

'All Gold, All Girls' is the first track off Cassie's upcoming mixtape, 'RockaByeBaby.' The project is the prelude to her 'Electro Love' LP that is coming soon as well.

"It was important for me to create it because I needed a moment to grow into being an artist as well as wanting to create something that my friends and I could listen to," Cassie told the in an interview. "I thought what better way to start that than by remixing my favorite records out right now.

The full mixtape will feature more remixes and original tracks featuring French Montana, Rick Ross, Jerimih and others.

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