When it comes to a rapper who openly speaks his mind, look no further than Lupe Fiasco. The Chicago rhyme-slinger has become one of the most polarizing figures in rap with his socially-conscious lyrics and controversial political views.

In celebration of his 31st birthday today (Feb. 16), we present a list of Lupe's best lyrics. His songs often get him in trouble, but for the most part, his words are meant to inspire or make you aware of the world's social problems. So, without further adieu, check out TheDrop.Fm's 10 Best Lupe Fiasco lyrics.

  • "Uh, labeled a misfit, a bandit / Kakunk Kakunk Kakunk! / His neighbors couldn't stand it / So He was banished to the park / Started in the morning wouldn't stop 'til after dark..."

    - 'Kick Push' (From the album 'Food & Liquor')
  • "I'm trying to stop lion like I'm Mumm-Ra / But I'm not lyin' when I'm laying on the beat / En garde / Touché, Lupe's cool as the unthawed / But I still feel possessed as a gun charge…"

    - 'Touch the Sky' (From Kanye West's album 'Late Registration')
  • "Before we go forth / We gotta take them back (back) / So we can know what it did / 'Cause if we never know / What happened in the past / Then we can never know, it's what it is…"

    - 'Change' (From Joy Denalane's album 'Born & Raised')
  • "Yeah, uh, a fresh cool young Lu / Trying to catch his microphone, check 2-1-2 / Wanna believe my own hype but it's too untrue / The world brought me to my knees, what have you brung you?…"

    - 'Superstar' (From the album 'The Cool')
  • "Skin ain't Huck Finn / But I ain't N----- Jim, motherf---er / I'm more like Clubber, from the upper cut of the gutter / Never kowtow, I won't bow down to the bull like Calcutta…"

    - "If You Want To' (From Travis Barker's album 'Give the Drummer Some')
  • "I'm feeling really good, me and my different beat / Me and my different drummer, he play the timpanis / See that's what got me here, you hearing me / Me on my black man in the future s---, call me Billy Dee…"

    - 'I'm Beamin' (From the album 'Lasers')
  • "He turns down the beat, writer's block impedes / Crying from the next room, a baby in need / Of some Pampers and some food and place to sleep / That plus a black Cadillac on Ds / Is what keep him on track to be a great MC…"

    - 'Hip-Hop Saved My Life' (From the album 'The Cool')
  • "Limbaugh is a racist, Glenn Beck is a racist / Gaza strip was getting bombed, Obama didn’t say s--- / That's why I ain't vote for him, next one either / I’m a part of the problem, my problem is I’m peaceful / And I believe in the people…"

    - 'Words I Never Said' (From the album 'Lasers')
  • "Don't give the black man food / Give red man liquor / Red man fool, black man n---- / Give yellow man tool, make him railroad builder / Also give him pan, make him pull gold from river / Give black man crack, Glocks and things / Give red man craps, slot machines, now bring it back…"

    - 'American Terrorist' (From the album 'Food & Liquor')
  • “Lupe is not using bitch as a lesson / But as a psychological weapon / To set in your mind and really / Mess with your conceptions, descriptions, reflections, it’s clever misdirection…"

    'Bitch Bad' (From the album 'Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1')