The Lupe Fiasco of recent times has felt a little more loopier than the young skateboarder he was when he first rose to national attention in the hip-hop scene. He responds to rap verses using Germanfake beefs on Twitter and ... helps a drug lord move $9 million? OK, that last part doesn't sound at all like something the socially conscious rapper would do, but he's still being accused of doing the dirty work.

According to TMZ, Fiasco is being sued by the estranged wife of convicted drug kingpin Charles Patton for allegedly moving his $9 million into multiple back accounts. This was apparently done in order to keep her from claiming the funds while the two were going through a divorce. Patton is currently serving a 44-year sentence for running a heroin enterprise.

Fiasco's lawyer, like everyone else, believes these claims came out of nowhere. "There are no secret accounts and no illicit instructions," he tells TMZ.

If anything, the accusation makes his recently released '#DopeFrancis (American Trap)' feel a bit ironic in retrospect.

The Chicago native recently announced his newest project, ‘Peace Of Paper/Cup Of Jayzus,’ will drop on Sept. 13.

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