Lupe Fiasco is not impressed by Kendrick Lamar's most talked-about verse on 'Control.'

He has a newly-private Twitter profile from which he wrote some tweets that say Kendrick's verse was overrated. "Y'all know y'all easily impressed. Bar so low you need a shovel to get it," he posted in what seems to be a subliminal at K. Dot.

Additionally, the 'Food & Liquor' rapper ghostwrote some fake responses to 'Control' from other rappers including Rick Ross. "Rozay's Rebut: mmmmm...big waist I ain't after the belt, I'm after the wealth, so the real The Real Rick Ross Renamed his self after my self."

Fiasco did reveal he enjoyed the Kendrick verse, telling Twitter user @Real_JustRebel, "I liked it!" when asked what he thought about the lines.


He's since released his own response to K. Dot's verse. Listen to the Chi-town rhymer's 'SLR 2' here.

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