It's been three years since Toni Braxton released a new album, but it looks like her eighth studio release is on the way.

The singer announced that she's back in the studio and joining forces with an old collaborator, producer Babyface, for some duets.

She revealed the news during the season finale of her WeTV reality show, 'Braxton Family Values.'

“I think I’ve made the right decision to get back involved with songwriting and working with Kenny,” she said during the episode. “I can’t be afraid anymore. I have to live life. It’s OK to fail as long as you try, so I’m gonna try.”

The album is due in September on Motown Records.

“September 2013 @KennyEdmonds @Motown,” Braxton tweeted.

“The whole perspective is guy and girl, Mars vs. Venus. Even if you’re in love, you’re in love for different reasons,” explained Babyface.

The two have proven their chemistry conjures up hits time and time again. Babyface wrote and produced Braxton's No. 1 Billboard 100 songs 'Let It Flow' and 'You're Makin' Me High' and a plethora of other top 10 hits such as 'Another Sad Love Song,' 'Breathe Again' and 'Let It Flow.