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When people aren’t obsessing over giving gifts and receiving them, the holidays are a pretty romantic time. Some of the best holiday music is about romance, while others are about other types of love. Throughout time, various artists have covered the classic holiday tracks, but R&B artists typically do it the best. Perhaps it’s the way the songs are sung, or maybe we associate our favorite R&B acts with love and it makes the holiday songs that much better. Whatever the reason, we have 10 we love the best. Roast some chestnuts on an open fire, and check these top Christmas R&B songs out.

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Nina Sky

'This Christmas'

'Christmas Mixtape'
The Queens-bred twin duo of Nicole and Natalie sing this light-hearted romantic song about cuddling up with the one you love this Christmas. It’s all about spending quality time by the fire, singing carols and decorating the Christmas tree. For anyone in love, this song by Nina Sky adds just the right amount of sweetness for the holidays. And if you don’t happen to be in love this season, this song still makes you feel like you want to be.
Jackson 5

'Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town'

'Ultimate Christmas Collection'
Is there anyone more adorable than young Michael Jackson when he was in the Jackson 5? The answer is no. Lil’ MJ and his cute little voice belt this holiday classic about Santa Claus coming to town. He sounds so young and so excited for Santa and for Christmas. Hearing a child (particularly a young Michael Jackson) sing like this adds such a sweet innocence to this song. Rest in Peace, Michael. We miss you.

'Silver Bells'

'A Special Christmas'
Sisters With Voices harmonize on this classic about Christmastime in the city. The beauty of SWV is in the way that their voices all compliment each other. On a song like 'Silver Bells,' we’re so used to hearing one person sing it (rather boringly), but as Taj, Coco and Lelee all come together, it gives this song so much depth. It makes you want to break out your 'Weak' cassette single and relive the glory days of ‘90s R&B.
Faith Evans

'O Come All Ye Faithful'

'A Faithful Christmas'
How do you do it, Faith Evans? How do you make a song about Jesus Christ being born in a manger sound so sultry? This is supposed to be a religious song about people coming from near and far to visit Jesus. Faith Evans wins then, because if people really aren’t religious, Fay Fay adds a whole other relatable dimension to it. So there you have it, Faith Evans was multi-tasking on this track. Brilliant.

'White Christmas'

'Christmas With Babyface'
When Babyface released his rendition of 'White Christmas' years back, the population of babies being conceived on Christmas skyrocketed. OK, that’s not actually true, but it could be because this song is just all sorts of romantic. Babyface not only sings the smoothest little holiday anthem, but he makes you wish for so much snow that you can’t leave the house and you want to be boo’ed up with your love while you play this song on repeat.
Boyz II Men feat. Brian McKnight

'Let It Snow'

'Christmas Interpretations'
Everyone’s favorite Motownphilly quartet links up with everyone’s favorite purveyor of the sad love song to make this cuddly track about wishing for yet another white Christmas. Boyz II Men plus Brian McKnight celebrate being with the women they love on this one. No, this isn’t the traditional “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” song you’re used to hearing around the holidays. This one is about staying indoors to do, err you know, indoor activities.
Lauryn Hill

'Little Drummer Boy'

'A Rosie Christmas'
Lauryn Hill deconstructs this holiday classic and makes it her own. Rosie O’Donnell opens the song with the message, “This record is for all the kids out there who dream of a life better than the one they’re living now.” The former Fugees member’s vocals glide right over the strings and snares of this song. It almost sounds like this could be added to her catalog during her 'Miseducation of Lauryn Hill' era as like a bonus track.

'8 Days of Christmas'

'8 Days of Christmas'
So there are supposed to be 12 Days of Christmas. We know this. But Beyonce wanted to shorten that, and well, what Queen Bey wants Queen Bey gets. Even though this song is technically about a week’s worth of gifts, Bey adds an extra day to the week. She and the rest of Destiny's Child kick off Christmas with a pair of Chloe shades and a diamond belly ring. And that was only the 8th day!

'Sleigh Ride'

'A LaFace Family Christmas'
This song is the epitome of a TLC song: T-Boz’s husky vocals singing the verses, Chilli blessing the hook with her smooth belting and the late Left Eye adding a fun-loving rap verse to the mix. It’s everything that makes TLC so great, and this song is just an all around holiday favorite for their fans and music fans alike. The video shows TLC going around and doing good deeds for the holidays. Too cute.
Mariah Carey

'All I Want For Christmas Is You'

Merry Christmas
If you are not a fan of this Mariah Carey holiday classic, then you obviously don’t care about the holidays. Seriously though, this Christmas song is loved by so many. Mariah just knows her way around a holiday song, and made this one an automatic classic. From her signature belting to her light lyrics of love, Mariah just wants to have the man she loves as her Christmas present. Maybe she sings this song to Nick Cannon every year.

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