2013 Cash King
It's definitely all about the Benjamins for Diddy. The Bad Boy mogul is hip-hop's new cash king, according to Forbes' annual list of top earners.
$1 Mill, No Problem
A vast majority of Americans would freak out if they lost anything close to $1 million, but for Diddy, it's a minor inconvenience. He lost that amount to Rick Ross this past weekend, and he seems kind of OK with it.
'Bout That Life'
The Maybach Music Group once again shows its propensity for turning urban phrases into street anthems (see: 'Ima Boss') in the newly released 'Bout That Life.' Rick Ross and Meek Mill recruit Diddy and French Montana, two rappers with that same talent.
Hip-Hop Beef?
Hip-hop beef is nothing new, but when rumors surfaced that Diddy and J.Cole were involved in a physical scuffle at a MTV Video Music Awards after-party, the two had to set the record straight and address the issue.
Worst Rappers
There are plenty of wack rappers in the rap game but GQ magazine decided to highlight 25 of the Worst Rappers of All Time.
New Manager
Jeremih is adding the big guns to his management team. The 'Birthday Sex' singer, who was signed to Def Jam Records, is enlisting Diddy as his manager.

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