Da Brat

64: Da Brat – Powerful Women of 2013
When Da Brat released her debut album, 'Funkdafied,' in 1994, she quickly soared to the top of the charts, which made her the first female rapper to sell one million albums -- the project was certified platinum.
Following the success of her first album, Brat released 'Anuthatantrum&apo…
'Is It Chu' Video
Rat a-tat tat tat…it's Da Brat and she has two dudes swinging baseball bats. After a long hiatus from the rap game, the So So Def rapper comes out swinging with her new video, 'Is It Chu.'
So So Def
Jermaine Dupri is busy spreading the word about So So Def's upcoming 20th anniversary concert.
It's a Celebration
It's party time! In celebration of So So Def's 20th anniversary this year, founder Jermaine Dupri gathered artists from his storied label for an all-star flip of Game's 'Celebration' song.