Rat a-tat tat tat…it's Da Brat and she has two dudes swinging baseball bats. After a long hiatus from the rap game, the So So Def rapper comes out swinging with her new video, 'Is It Chu.'

It's basically a performance clip with the B-R-A-T spitting cautionary rhymes to those who want to test her patience. "I'm a pretty motherf---er with a lot of gangsta / And I'm not afraid to bust a cap in you," she raps.

The 'Funkdafied' rapstress is also loyal to her crew, as her shirt reads, "Family First."

Stick around for the ending and watch Da Brat turn it up for the clubs.

In the meantime, Da Brat is currently working on re-launching her record label, Rare Breed, as well as recording songs for her comeback album.

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