Brian McKnight

10 Things You Didn't Know
Today (June 5) is Brian McKnight's birthday. At 44, the R&B singer has churned out some of music's most memorable ballads including 'Back at One,' 'One Last Time' and 'Anytime.' He recently released his 15th studio effort, 'More Than Words,' …
'U Turn' Celebrates 10 Years
Brian McKnight’s seventh studio album, 'U Turn,' celebrated its 10-year anniversary yesterday. Released on March 25, 2003, the effort was a new direction in Brian’s life.
Brian McKnight – 2013 Must-See R&B Concerts
Who: Brian McKnight
What: Brian McKnight Tour
When: May 17 - 19 (see dates below)
Why: Whether you like your Brian McKnight sweet and soulful (See: 'Anytime' or 'Back at One') or downright raunchy (See: 'If You're Ready to Learn'), the R&B favorite is sure to …
Like Father, Like Sons
Brian McKnight wants to be known for more than his words. He’s a jack of all trades who has endless amounts of talents, whether it’s composing every song in his discography since his debut album, ‘Brian McKnight,’ in 1992, or venturing out to hos…
More Than Words
Remember when Brian McKnight was toying with the idea of doing an adult mixtape? Last year, he debuted the inspiration for the tape, the R&B ode 'If You're Ready to Learn,' which was dedicated to teaching a woman how to use her nether regions properly. Well, that project hasn't seen the light of…