Brian McKnight wants to be known for more than his words. He’s a jack of all trades who has endless amounts of talents, whether it’s composing every song in his discography since his debut album, ‘Brian McKnight,’ in 1992, or venturing out to host his own radio show. Is there anything he can't do?

He’s capable of doing just about anything. Currently, that includes releasing a new LP, 'More Than Words,' due April 2. McKnight explains his new outlook on life with this effort. "'More than Words' seems to be the theme of my life right now; I want to be more than what I just say," he tells "Whenever I say something, I want to mean it. It’s my plan of self improvement. It’s a self-improvement kind of record.”

On the album, he works with 'Bubbly' singer Colbie Caillat on the title track. He admits the two had an unique way of linking up to inspire the collaboration. “We met on a plane,” he shares, reflecting on the moment. “I asked if we could make music together and exchanged numbers.” Fans might be surprised by the team up but we’re sure the final song will be a sultry effort.

Aside from Caillat, McKnight works with his two sons on two very sexual tracks: Niko on ‘The Front, The Back, The Side,' and Brian McKnight Jr., on ‘I Didn’t Really Mean to Turn You Out.’ This isn’t uncommon for his kids. In 2012, while hosting an event for porn site, his sons rapped and sang a special song about sex.

But if the McKnight clan are considering a career in the music industry aside from working with their dad, they only have a limited a time to be mainstream, McKnight says. While discussing the changes within his field, the 43-year-old New York native vehemently expresses that he’s not a part of the music industry but rather a part of the tour industry, performing 100 shows a year.

“The record industry is more for 18-25 [year olds], that’s as long as you get in the mainstream,” he explains. Instead of focusing on attempting to be mainstream, he performs for his fans. “That’s what I do and I love being on the road and seeing my fans.”

And with the music industry, there are always setbacks. He found out via Twitter that his album would be pushed back. “so I had to find out from twitter today, not from the label, that my cd release had been changed to 4/2 I’ll try to keep u posted #genius [sic],” he wrote on the social networking site. Hoeever, he seems to understand that these things happen and his label knows what’s best for the artist.

“Obviously, if they needed more time they should have told me but ultimately they’re the ones that know,” McKnight says of the heads at E1 Music. “It may have been some miscommunication. I was just being funny telling people that but people need to know, especially when they’re looking for it on March 5.”

Unlike many of his peers, 'More Than Words' was written and produced entirely by McKnight. “I’ve been producing everything on my own since the beginning of my career," he admits. "I haven’t really worked with anybody.”

His newest single, ‘Sweeter,’ is climbing up the Billboard charts and sticks to a familiar sound, which reminds his fans why they fell in love with him in the first place.

Watch Brian McKnight's 'Sweeter' Video

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