Scarface wasn't even an original member of the groundbreaking group the Geto Boys but ended up shining brighter than his fellow group members Willie D and Bushwick Bill.

Face Mob joined the group and the Geto Boys dropped 'Grip It! On That Other Level.' The LP was unlike anything rap fans had heard up until that point. The album ended up being one of the most popular and controversial from Houston at that time.

In 1991, Scarface released his debut album, 'Mr. Scarface Is Back.' His gritty voice paired with grittier tales made him a substantial force coming out of Texas rap but in 1994, when he dropped 'The Diary,' even rappers from other regions had to admit that Scarface was a favorite. On the business side, he's responsible for helping put Ludacris on the map as a commercially successful emcee from his days as president of Def Jam South.

Watch Scarface's 'Never Seen a Man Cry' Video

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