Ray J is stretching out his tacky song 'I Hit It First' for all it's worth. The singer premiered his video this morning (April 29) on TMZ.

The clip does feature a Kim Kardashian look-alike and a few subtle jabs at her boo Kanye West.

In the J.R. Saint-directed video, Ray J and the doppelganger reenact scenes from his infamous sex tape -- sans the actual sex act -- and board a jet where he continues to rub it in that he once bedded the celebrity debutante.

Although Ray J insists that the song isn't about Kimmy, the video says otherwise. There are a slew of references to Kim -- from her running away from the paparazzi to what appears to be look-alikes of Kim's sisters showing up to his party. Even Ray J's devilish smile at the end, shows that he's being callous to the Kardashians.

What do you think about the video? Is Ray J being a douche or is he keeping it real? Tell us in the comments below.