As the controversy continues surrounding Ray J’s single 'I Hit it First' and the accompanying video, which features a Kim Kardashian look-a-like, he reveals that the subject matter is pretty obvious. "I've never denied it is about her [Kardashian]," he tells "I let the song speak for itself.”

With lyrics saying, “She might move on to rappers and ballplayers but we all know I hit it first… Now baby chose to go West… If you were to come back to me girl we'll make another movie,” it was immediately obvious that Ray was referring to his former flame. The words speak her name, from her relationships with Kanye West, NFL star Reggie Bush and her former husband, Khris Humphries of the Brooklyn Nets, to the infamous sex tape Ray recorded with her in 2003, that was released in 2007, and catapulted both of their careers.

Ray J is a master of promotion and as he innocently proclaims, “I had no bad intentions.” He’s achieved his goal of massive publicity for the video, which has received over three YouTube views. The song peaked at No. 11 on Billboard Charts.

Brandy's younger brother is diplomatic in discussing Kardashian in interviews, but in the song, he goes in hard and raw. “I am loyal to the people I’ve been involved with, but you can’t sugarcoat when you entertain," he says.  "I do what I do. It's entertainment. This is art. It's reflecting my life."

Wendy Williams criticized Ray for not letting go of his affair with Kardashian, but when he appeared on her talk show in May, she said she understood him not letting it go because they were together for five years. Ray says he has "let it go," but not before using Kardashian's fame to promote his music.

Kardashian and Ray J were relatively unknown when they were together 10 years ago, and they both exploited the publicity from their sex tape to become stars. "We are in different places now. I have the ultimate respect for her and I congratulate her on her baby," Ray J says about his former girlfriend.

The publicity generated by 'I Hit it First' was also used to promote his latest project, hosting the 'Bad Girls All-Star Battle,' which debuted May 21 on Oxygen. The show earned the network's highest ratings ever for a series premiere.

“These are 14 of the baddest bad girls who face incredible obstacles battling for $100.000," he says. "I was impressed about their motivation to be in the competition. One girl, she was in it to get her brother out of foster care. A second girl was in it because she is a single mother and wants a better life for her daughter."

He loved his job watching the bad girls compete. “It is a roller coaster ride and it's a lot of fun and a lot of laughs,” he comments. “The girls like to throw their mattresses in a pool so for one challenge they have to get the mattresses out of a cold lake. It was a lot of hard work for them.”

The singer takes prides in his success in reality television, especially his series 'For the Love of Ray J,' in which girls competed for his affection. For the 'Bad Girls All-Star Battle,' he did not get personally involved with the contestants. ”I have to stay professional. I am the guide as they go for $100,000,” Ray states. He definitely admires their assets, but this time he decided it was best not to follow his playboy instincts.

“They all have unique looks and different shapes and sizes,” he says. “Sometimes I like my girls thick, sometime I like them petite. They are gladiators, they are survivors. They had to go hard or go home.”

As the host, Ray was an observer, but could he handle some of the challenges? “I  don’t know," he responds. "These are tough girls. This show pushes these girls to the limit.”

Ray J has become well known for his romantic exploits, from romancing girls on his own reality show to being involved with Kim Kardashian and the late Whitney Houston.

“All the girls I dated have been bad girls," he shares when asked if he's ever dated a "bad girl." "A bad girl is someone who is confident and believes in herself. Bad in a good way… No good girls allowed. I like a good girl with a little bad in her. I want a good girl in the streets and a bad girl in the sheets.”

When asked if he is a bad boy, Ray J replies, “Some say I am. If you call me that, I take it.”

Regarding the controversy over whether reality television presents a negative image of women, Ray J says, “TV has its options. Reality shows show the real side of life. It’s not scripted. It's what really goes down. TV gives you choices. I have been in reality TV since the beginning and it’s the biggest platform."

While appearing in front of a camera seems to be one of Ray's favorite pastimes, he has bigger goals to achieve, like his new business venture. "I am about to open a nightclub in Vegas," he reveals. "I can't go into the details yet, but it is about to happen."

He loves to perform, he loves to party and he loves to make money so he can satisfy all those needs with his new club, which may be where he gives his debut performance of 'I Hit it First.'

When asked about his love life, the 32-year-old says he's too busy now to have a lady in his life. "I am focused on my business, running my company and making sure my team eats," Ray admits. After his past experiences, he also reveals that he doesn't want to be involved with any more celebrities.

Ray J was very close to Whitney Houston and in the past refused to comment about her passing. Now more than two years after her death he says, "It was tough for me. I don’t talk about her because I want to keep things on the up and up."

With a role on 'The Rickey Smiley Show' on TV One, a nightclub opening coming up in Las Vegas and completing his next album, 'Raydiation 2,' Ray J is definitely keeping his career on the up and up.

"With my new music I'm starting with the past and taking it to the present," he explains, "'I Hit it First' is the beginning of a story. It's Ray J in the past. Next time I'm going even deeper."

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