On 'Numbers on the Boards,' Pusha T's newest release, he lets it be known he's an all-star while his competition remains in the D-league.

The Clipse member has just as much punchlines as all-star ballers "D. Rose" and "88 Jordan" have jump shots. On the braggadocio track, he racks up points as he moves bricks, all while he watches those beneath him lose.

"How can you relate when you ain't never been great and rely on rap money to keep food up on your plate?" Pusha asks shadily on the steady, grumbling beat.

'Numbers on the Boards' samples lyrics from Jay-Z's 'Rhyme No More.' Speaking of Jay, the growing businessman also dropped the track 'Open Letter' this morning and the lines have even made it to a White House press conference. Kanye West came out of Twitter darkness to show love to Jay and announce Pusha T's new song.

"Our family Hov brought that real hip hop shit this morning so me and Pusha wanna keep that feeling going," he tweeted.

We're not totally sold on that yet, but both rappers have caught our attention and we're ready to hear if they'll be consistent.

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