Pusha T boasted that 'My Name Is My Name' is going to be the best-produced album of the year. This Nottz beat on 'Nosetalgia' -- which features a very welcome appearance by Kendrick Lamar -- speculates this may very well be the case.

'Nosetalgia' somehow manages to sound like some sort of coke rap spaghetti western. There's the slow burn of that bending guitar riff, the omnipresent Boogie Down Productions sample and those bongo drums that sound like a rattlesnake stalking his prey as Pusha T domineeringly slides in.

What follows afterward is a playful, but focused barrage of wordplay and absurd references. "Zhivago tried to fight the urge like Ivan Drago /
If he dies he dies / Like Doughboy to Tre," Pusha T raps, spinning through three movies in seconds.

Lamar isn't a stranger to the dope game either, as he describes growing up with a father who sniffed cocaine. He decides to sell dope, not the illegal kind: "Go figure, motherf---er, every verse is a brick / Your son dope, n----." Good for you, Kendrick!

'My Name Is My Name' hits shelves on Oct. 8.

Listen to Pusha T's 'Nosetalgia' Feat. Kendrick Lamar

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