Are Pharrell and Timbaland bringing disco back? According to singer Ed Sheeran, they totally are.

The British crooner spoke to MTV News about how the super-producers are changing the face of music constantly. In his opinion, Timbo and Skateboard P are having secret producer meetings during which they decided that disco needed a comeback. "I think Timbaland and Pharrell must have this kind of secret meeting every year where they go, 'We're gonna change disco music this year,'" said Sheeran.

Pharrell's work with Daft Punk and Robin Thicke and Timbaland's ongoing collabos with Justin Timberlake continue to push the music trends.

"They made disco music a genre again — like with 'Suit & Tie,' 'Blurred Lines' and with 'Get Lucky,' " Sheeran shared. "Now all the generic dance producers are going to be making music like that and dance music is going to get really interesting. I think Timbaland and Pharrell, whenever they decide to, they can just change the whole club scene with just a couple of songs."

One of the songs of the summer, 'Blurred Lines,' which was produced by and features Pharrell, is a hit on the dance floor due to its disco-centered sound.

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