Not much is known about R&B newbie PARTYNEXTDOOR aside from being Drake's first artist on his OVO Sound label. The Mississauga, Canada native just released his eponymous self-titled project, which should help draw more interest to the 19-year-old crooner.

Comparisons to the Weeknd are gong to be inevitable, but that would be unfair because PARTYNEXTDOOR sounds nothing like him. In fact, the music on the 10-track effort is filled with smooth, uptempo jams geared for the clubs.

On the turnt-up 'Wild Bitches,' the R&B lothario sings about bedding a chick from the hood. "Shawty's a killer, straight from Atlanta / Shawty's a dealer, her mama's a dancer / Papa's a pimp, cousin's a killa / Shawty's my n----, but she's vanilla," he sings.

The previously-released sexual ode 'Wus Good / Curious' features the crooner yearning to help a woman reach her soulful desires. With it' melodic piano grooves and atmospheric soundscapes, it's the perfect song for those hot summer days.

On the bouncy 'Right Now,' PARTYNEXTDOOR tries to convince a Miami stripper that he's the man and can give her whatever she needs.

"You the baddest in the game right now / You can have the whole thang if you came right now / Quit f---ing with them lames right now / I could put you on some game right now," he sings.

But not everything is pay for play.

On the yearning ballad 'TBH,' PARTYNEXTDOOR croons, with the use of Auto-Tune, about a girl he desires but can't have.

"I see you in the city / Do you know you're with me? / Are you with me, baby? / Girl are you with me, baby? / 'Cause baby this close is isn't close enough / Maybe my passion is just ain't enough / I can feel that you love me / I can feel it that you know me," he sings.

OVO boss Drake makes a guest appearance on 'Over Here,' a rhythmic track about a relationship that has reached its end.

Overall, if you love Drake's atmospheric love ballads, then you will appreciate PARTYNEXTDOOR's tracks on this mixtape, which is available for purchase via iTunes.