The Wu-Tang Clan brought out their fallen comrade Ol' Dirty Bastard by way of a hologram at the 2013 Rock the Bells festival in San Bernardino, Calif., Sunday (Sept. 8).

It's been nine years since we lost ODB in November 2004. But last night, it was a reunion of sorts as the Wu-Tang brethren ran though a medley of hits with his Shaolin brothers.

The virtual ODB performed 'Shame on a N----' and 'Shimmy Shimmy Ya' along with his son, Young Dirty Bastard, before vaporizing into the night.

Although the video above doesn't reveal how real the digital image of ODB really is, it's still great to see one of the most charismatic emcees grace the stage again.

Chris “Broadway” Romero, a 3D animator and creator of both the Eazy-E and ODB holograms, is thrilled with the results.

“It was amazing. The best moment of my career thus far," he told AllHipHop. "To create an emotional reaction with the family was my goal; the crowd going crazy and singing along was the icing on the cake. I saw this moment a decade ago and there were moments yesterday where I couldn’t believe what was happening around me.”

Check out Eazy-E's virtual performance at Rock the Bells below.

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