Notorious B.I.G. still holds the title as King of New York -- that is, if you ask most Brooklynites. Before the world knew Biggie, he was already staking his claim in hip-hop on Bed-Stuy streets. In fact, fans often wonder where Jay-Z would've ended up on the list of greats if Big was still alive. Ironically enough, the two rappers attended the same high school before seeking higher learning on street corners.

Legend has it, Diddy had to all but beg Biggie to stop hustling in order to put his classic 'Ready to Die' LP together and subsequently become rap's first superstar to proclaim himself "fat, black and ugly." He had the storytelling skills, wordplay and laid-back, confident flow -- nearly personifying the basic elements of hip-hop. Notorious B.I.G. managed to make himself a hall of famer in hip-hop after only two albums.

Watch Notorious B.I.G.'s 'Warning' Video

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