Monica's goals for 2016 are simple: to "do better." The Georgia native doesn't stray far from her Southern roots as she admits to drinking sweet tea, Coca-Cola and lemonade. But in 2016, the R&B mom wants to cut the sugary drinks from her diet and drink more water.

The 35-year-old songbird also wants to be a better mother and daughter. "I just feel like that's irreplaceable," said the mom-of-three. "For all the other things we do in our life, some stuff you get a do-over, you know, in a sense, but you can't do-over the time and the opportunities missed to do important and special things with your family, especially your kids.

As far as music goes, Monica hopes to reach a broader audience. It's been 17 years since "Angel of Mine" was released and 20 years since "Before You Walk Out of My Life" dropped, but the veteran singer still gets happy feels when she sees her fans jamming along to her '90s hits.

Monica took over The BoomBox for the past week to talk about her latest album, Code Red. In a five-part video series, she discussed her most personal song from the LP, her inspiration while crafting the project and shared why fans will have to wait until a later date to hear what else she has in store.

Check out Monica's interview above. Also, her album, Code Red, is available on iTunes.

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