Although it certainly wasn't under desirable circumstances, famed New York DJ Mister Cee announced his retirement from radio station Hot 97 after 20 years. He made the announcement during his DJ set today.

The news comes after video footage of the radio DJ allegedly soliciting sex from transsexual prostitute Bimbo Winehouse surfaced. While he doesn't appear on the video, a voice similar to Mister Cee's is heard agreeing to $100 for sex.

Mister Cee previously pled guilty to a loitering for the purpose of engaging in a prostitution offense in 2011, and in May, he was arrested for trying to solicit sex from a transsexual.

The famed DJ clarified numerous times during his final mix that he wasn't being forced to resign by the station. He wanted to do so out of love and respect for Hot 97.

The love and respect is mutual, according to a press release from Hot 97 SVP/General Manager Alexandra Cameron.

"We feel that this is in the best interest of both HOT 97 and Cee’s personal well-being. While we do not endorse the alleged activities, he is clearly facing a personal dilemma that is for him and only him to comment on," she says in the press release. "We are saddened by his departure; his contributions here at HOT 97 were great and we know him as a friend, a caring individual and significant hip hop advocate. We wish Mr Cee the best and will always consider him a family member of HOT 97.

"Moments ago, he officially signed off, on the air and will finish out his last show today on September 11, 2013, an already sad day for New York City.”

Before closing out his final mix with Mobb Deep's 'Shook Ones,' a New York hip-hop classic, Mister Cee was audibly emotional as he thanked the station and listeners for allowing him to play at the station for so long.

"Every time I came on the radio to do a mix, I swear on everything I did it for y'all," Mister Cee said in his final moments. "Nothing meant more to me than my time here at Hot 97."

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