Mister Cee

Sexual Freedom
Last week, Mister Cee found himself at the center of discussion after he resigned from Hot 97 as a result of footage that surfaced, which apparently showed him attempting to solicit sex from a transsexual prostitute-blogger. He renounced his resignation a day later during an emotional interview …
Emotional Interview
After his sudden resignation from Hot 97 yesterday (Sept. 11), DJ Mister Cee had a chance to come clean about his personal issues on the station's morning show today. He sat down for an interview with Ebro Darden, Hot 97's program director, and during the emotional segment, Mister Cee reve…
DJ Resigns
Although it certainly wasn't under desirable circumstances, famed New York DJ Mister Cee announced his retirement from radio station Hot 97 after 20 years. He made the announcement during his DJ set today.
Gay Rumors
Hot 97 personality DJ Mister Cee took to the airwaves early Monday morning (May 6) to address his most recent arrest for allegedly soliciting a prostitute.
A Prostitute?
Hot 97 personality Mister Cee was arrested late Thursday evening for allegedly soliciting a male prostitute in Brooklyn, N.Y.