After his sudden resignation from Hot 97 yesterday (Sept. 11), DJ Mister Cee had a chance to come clean about his personal issues on the station's morning show today. He sat down for an interview with Ebro Darden, Hot 97's program director, and during the emotional segment, Mister Cee revealed he was willing to return to his "Throwback at Noon" slot.

Mister Cee maintained that he resigned because he feared his personal issues would negatively affect the station. His actions came in the midst of a new video making rounds on the Internet, in which he's apparently attempting to solicit sex from a transgender prostitute.

The famed DJ frankly admitted he did like to receive fellatio from transgender prostitutes, but he maintains he isn't homosexual.

He also repeatedly broke down in tears during the interview while talking about his fears about how his transgressions would hurt his friends and family. Darden said that while the Hot 97 crew stands by him through his personal struggle, he's worried about the illegal aspect of soliciting prostitution. The program director also praised Mister Cee for being honest with listeners who may be going through the same problems.

Fellow famed Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex walked into the interview later on to voice his support for Mister Cee.

Darden finally asked the question, "Cee, you here 12 today or you want some time off? You make the call."

"We're going to do 12 today," Mister Cee responded.

Listen to Mister Cee's Interview on Hot 97

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