Now that everyone has listened to Drake’s new track “Charged Up,” which is being called a diss song to Meek Mill, folks are wondering what the Philly rhymer thinks of it. Not much according to his tweets.

The “I’m a Boss” rapper went on his Twitter account shortly after Drizzy released his song and pretty much scoffed at it.

"Baby lotion soft," he tweeted. And then later, he tweeted out, "I can tell he wrote that 1 one tho..."

There's no word if Meek will respond to Drake's track with his own response song. Although Drake dropped a couple of zingers on "Charged Up," it was nothing more than a light lyrical jab. Meek is a fierce battle rapper and the last thing you want to do is go light on him if you are spitting verbal darts at him.

Fan reactions to Drake's song were mixed -- some loved it while others hated it. Read them below.

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